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khaleesi-inthenorth asked:

Hey Seanan! I saw you reblogged a Laci Green gifset recently- the blonde with bangs in glasses, talking about why she's a feminist. I've followed you for awhile and I feel like you'd want to know that she's actually really transmisogynist and completely unapologetic about it, and might not be someone you identify with and want on your blog? Just a heads up!





For what it’s worth, I looked this up after reading about it in this post, and the incident in question happened 2 years ago - where she used the “T” word to describe transgender people (the one that also ends in y). She also apologized for the use of the word, though she was also subjected to a doxing and various degrees of death and rape threats. (Source:

The Anatomy of The Goonies II | 2 | Pincers of peril


The Anatomy of The Goonies II | 2 | Pincers of peril

Before we delve any further into the design of The Goonies II, it’s important to take a step back and talk about one of the most curious fundamental concepts behind the game: The idea of front and back. When you pause the action, you’re taken to a Zelda-esque menu screen.


Say, this is a pretty cool addition for a 1987-vintage action game. Even Metroiddidn’t have one of these, as much as an…

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Did you know that Grant Morrison mapped out the DC Multiverse? His vision works for me. I am not blindly devoted to the guy, but I see merit in the way he is handling the transition to the 5th World.

Jack Kirby went to DC in the late ’60s-early ’70s and worked on his magnum opus, “the Fourth World”. It was composed of a number of miniseries, and it is essential reading for the background of the DC Universe. (Just google this phrase: Jack Kirby’s Fourth World.)

The brunt of the issue deal with gods from different worlds interacting with the mainstays of DC comics, mostly Superman and Jimmy Olsen. The New Gods, Darkseid, Apokolips, and the Forever People all came into play at this time.

Skip forward a couple years, and nobody really knew what to do with the New Gods after Kirby left. They kept the villains - like Darkseid -around, because they were great. But Kirby’s visions for them did not get picked up and worked properly (IMHO, anyways) since Grant Morrison began working on JLA back in 1997. Morrison has steadily built on his vision of DC’s Multiverse, and having been reading it since JLA # 1, I am generally looking to seeing where he goes next.

So I guess all of the stuff with the Snowflake and the Bleed is being ignored.


Oh wait. You’re right… Well, I’m disappointed, but I’ll see where it goes. I really liked Ellis’s explanation too.

Look at the map, the Bleed is right there

Yeah, we saw the bleed. We are talking about a concept that Ellis proposed in Planetary that states that every parallel universe is part of one whole reality, and that reality is shaped like an infinitely intricate snowflake.

The bleed is the just the space between realities.

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Also, if we do other personas of already listed critics, Kung Pad Thai Ted.


I wrote a couple thousand words about finding legal music to use while streaming and coverting that stream to VODs.

If you’re a streamer or YouTuber, consider checking it out. From my personal experience, the easiest way to keep safe is to contact artists who are likely to be cool with you using their stuff; it takes work, but it’s worth it.

Especially with Twitch’s acquisition by YoUTube looming, people seem to be freaking the hell out about possibly getting sued and their channels being deleted; if you take the time to develop better habits now, you won’t have a problem.





…….they think iPads can actually assemble the food?

I am always fascinated by cynical political ad campaigns that encourage people to vote against their own best interests, and depressed by how often they succeed.

the url BADIDEACA describes this ad more than the idea it decries

self-checkout exists in many stores, but there are still lines for human cashiers because most of the time, it’s easier to let a professional handle the machine

hell, nine times out of ten when I use self-checkout I need an employee to help me because of some software quirk

and while I’ve seen touch-panel menus here in Japan, it’s always for the most basic shit possible: kaiten sushi, where you just order a little plate of this or that, and the food comes on a conveyor belt

so go ahead, California, I dare you to open an all-iPad restaurant. you’ll still need to pay people to make and deliver the food but you’ll also need to pay people to explain to the customers how iPads work, so your net savings will be negligible.

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